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I want to do nothing from time to time. Zero achievements, results, or any measurable effects of my existence. I need to become obedient to to my limbic system and slow down, close my mental gate, stop planning and simply immerse myself into the simplest and most unmeaning activities. Glancing over my old childhood photos.

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Parenting: left high and dry

There are moments within our parenting when we feel absolutely helpless. Our little rebel cries down on the floor in a supermarket like an aspiring drama actor, a 3 year old tries to bite his sister’s arm, an 8 year old daughter wanders along the rooms like a zombie after being cut out from her

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TV: no place for dialog

I haven’t got a TV. Not because I’m a hipster mum or due to some kind of new fashion. Some time ago I was working as a TV and radio journalist. When I left – the tide had turned. Getting rid of the screen was the best way to cut my addiction from the news.

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I don’t like dealing with angry people, especially when trying to learn a new skill. An impatient teacher is the least desired here – the one who pushes with ‘oh it’s so easy!’ prompts. Whereas, what I need instead is more time, and cheering crowds behind shouting, ‘knock it down!’. Let the flags wave high,

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