Parenting: left high and dry

There are moments within our parenting when we feel absolutely helpless. Our little rebel cries down on the floor in a supermarket like an aspiring drama actor, a 3 year old tries to bite his sister’s arm, an 8 year old daughter wanders along the rooms like a zombie after being cut out from her favorite cartoons or a teenager keeps forgetting how to form a single sentence using the word ‘please’. All this while we’re told to keep calm. It seems like pretending that it doesn’t rain cats and dogs and keep walking at our slow pace with our heads tucked deep into our shoulders. Impossible ? Not here in Scotland, where rains quite often. Many Scots seem to not give a damn about rain. They accept it and walk around as if nothing has changed. No umbrella, however maybe a hood on but preferably not too much effort to protect themselves from rain.

It works well with kids too. Actually there is no need for shouting, do a little, if any effort to quickly gain control, there is no need to change your mood. Maybe I should just understand, that in this little world of my child’s, it has to rain at this time of his/her life. Maybe I should just focus on how to change my wet clothes and warm up with hot tea after finally coming back home. Maybe I should just let it rain and look at this wonderful sky a bit more.. I am absolutely sure that my child is unique and despite these clouds they have an incredible ability to shine with their talents and wonders. Rain is just a fraction of the whole world. It will go away one day and a drought may come, so let it rain today… a bit… just drizzle … in another room maybe, please…

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