I don’t like dealing with angry people, especially when trying to learn a new skill. An impatient teacher is the least desired here – the one who pushes with ‘oh it’s so easy!’ prompts. Whereas, what I need instead is more time, and cheering crowds behind shouting, ‘knock it down!’. Let the flags wave high, let the drums bang loud, let the people scream and inspire me before the start! This is the most desired learning atmosphere. I can then achieve anything!

The same applies to a child who learns how to walk, speak, write or remember to turn off the light in a bathroom. Nothing comes easily at the beginning except from improving your best talents (these are completely natural). Negative approaches and impatience are killing the process unlike positive encouragement and commitment. If the crowd says : ‘Keep going, never say die!’ then I will make that first step, name my favorite toy, write my name and yes! Try to remember about the light in a bathroom.

Patience is essential when working and playing with children. It’s about waiting and acceptance, about intense observing to notice the first signs of success. We can’t correct nor support too often. Better to praise these little achievements, for example when a baby says its first words. They are not perfect, but closer to our language then gestures. One day the very same kid will be able to complete long sentences difficult to follow, and form questions difficult to answer. Then the patience will be challenged again, but in a different way…


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