Kids can play endlessly – sometimes my impression is that their whole day is built around numerous play-times with interruptions for quick meals and sleeping. Everything can be a game for them : opening and closing a drawer, dropping different toys to check the sound they make, building a tower, changing a doll’s clothes, flicking through a book, hiding in a wardrobe, travelling on a suitcase when on a way to a different place… These little joys are the best ways to explore the world to find out the answers, to give new skills a try, to copy others, to push boundaries. Nothing is incidental in this world, everything has its purpose.

Once a child is capable of inviting another person into this great world of play, a significant change occurs. A child is expanding its ‘me’ world and getting ready to socialize. This is exactly the moment when language therapy can start, because a dialog begins to bound two people.

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