When somebody makes your blood boil, get out of the kitchen

Balance – a cool word. Well balanced diet, balanced mind and relationships. Unfortunately in some periods of our lives, balance is like a space flight. I would love to take a chance but they surely won’t accept me: I’m unlikely to swim 3 lengths of the pool in a flight suit and tennis shoes plus I won’t be able to memorize manuals and I will definitely lose my consciousness during the launch.

Many moms complain about their lack of leisure time since having a child (dads usually nod politely to sympathize with a spouse without any remarks regarding their needs). I complain too, but deep inside I know that it shouldn’t be about blaming my children, because parenting is my privilege even if it’s a bit too heavy sometimes. It is my duty to be an efficient manager and to sort out my roles as a mother, women, partner and just me. Sometimes we just try too hard to tightly wrap up our kids in cotton wool by trying to predict many potential and harmful consequences of their behavior. Better to cut it loose from us. The earlier you do it, the easier.

My mother never complained when raising me and my 5 siblings. Not even a word about her leisure time. Nevertheless she changed her attitude when she became a grandma and looked at her grandchildren with a different perspective: – ‘let your kids be independent as often as possible, care about yourself and don’t skimp on your personal happiness!’ True, but not easy, especially when you are a single parent or have a disabled child or the helpful hands of your family are far across the ocean.

We don’t own children nor raise them for our profit. Call for balance when they make your blood boil and get out of the kitchen. Grab a cup of coffee with a friend, go shopping, immerse yourself in a cinema chair. I bet you’ll be more satisfied with these simplicities than with a space flight. However no interviews nor paparazzi will be waiting at your home. Only unspoken gratitude of a relaxed parent’s kid that is worth more than anything. Oh! And maybe one day this relaxed childhood will profit in your child’s future as a very real space flight. You never know.

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