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To celebrate the New Year 2015 Fox is announcing a competition with a prize. The tenth and twentieth person who subscribes the newsletter will win a MUG with the Fox’s logo.

Let this year be like an exciting ride on the bus with your child. The decision where to go  is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself and your Little One!



I want to do nothing from time to time. Zero achievements, results, or any measurable effects of my existence. I need to become obedient to to my limbic system and slow down, close my mental gate, stop planning and simply immerse myself into the simplest and most unmeaning activities. Glancing over my old childhood photos. Walking without any purpose. Gazing at people. I remember one of these moments shared with my sister. Vancouver, an early sunny afternoon in July. We are tired after the frenetic rush of too many grand experiences. A bench at the bus stop. We sit, watch the traffic, the people and let the city flow through our minds. No words, no comments. Silly, yet wonderfully recharging moments.

Children are very much the same because they are humans too, albeit little ones. They are similarly tired by even more demanding constant neural processing. For them, it is not only about learning but about noticing versus associating, storing versus digging out, highlighting versus erasing. No wonder a child needs time to regenerate, to skip the busy schedule of extra clubs, classes and therapies. It needs to be nonproductive too.

Once allowed to do nothing, this little human can instinctively make a turn in the most desired direction. Let’s bless our kids when they’re having a great time in a very private shelter under a table, when splashing puddles with a stick or bean bag juggling. Then, and only after these, immeasurable moments of simple joys, are children ready to continue the search for their place in the sun