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Bilingualism versus orchestra

Gosh, it is so wonderful to speak in two or even more languages! It makes at least twice as more opportunities to meet interesting people, read inspiring books, share the best jokes. Bilingualism is not even a gallop – it is like a fighter jet flight! It is estimated that there are as many bilingual

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Let’s make a mess!

Young children need a mess to get their sensory needs fulfilled, to understand basic rules, to develop their senses, to improve their eye-hand coordination and planning, to enjoy their day and many more. Cleaning up can’t be priority during the first years of child’s life.

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I don’t have to like everybody. However, I tend not to dislike anybody and this is my most demanding lesson still to be learnt. We are all driven by different stereotypes, false prejudice, negative memories and fears. I am aware that when being judgmental I may be totally wrong. That is why I need to

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Imagine someone close and special to you who prepares all of your meals every day. It is a responsible and important task. Food needs to be selected, bought, brought, unpacked, prepared and served in order to feed you. A tough job. Now, imagine that the very same person decides how much and when you have

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A concentrate. A tomato concentrate. Squeezed, tightly packed beautiful tomatoes. 300% tomatoes more than usual. To concentrate. To squeeze, tightly hold, the thoughts on a firm leash and walk them proudly out. 300% more effort than usual. Damn! Focus!   Nowadays, more and more kids are diagnosed with attention deficit, while surprisingly, those without an

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Grab a mug!

To celebrate the New Year 2015 Fox is announcing a competition with a prize. The tenth and twentieth person who subscribes the newsletter will win a MUG with the Fox’s logo. Let this year be like an exciting ride on the bus with your child. The decision where to go  is in your hands. It

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